Lifestyle in Delhi!

A majority of the rich and the neo-rich are leading a luxurious life in Delhi and those In the government and in positions and the bureaucracy the police top brass and all the banking and government agencies have their top officers living a lifestyle bordering luxury compared to the poor in Delhi.

A car for the poor will continue to be a luxury definitely for another decade for the Delhi poor lot.

Why is it that these are inexorably led to this pitiable path,

Why are the rich allowed this luxuriously lifestyle in public and why are the officials provided allowances to ape the rich.There must be some connection or some link.It is obvious that the top brass gives the rich a stamp of approval to brazenly announce their arrival in society.

This is problematic to the rest of the strata of society.

Now let us take the opposite perspective.Why does the poor have to come in the way of the rich.Why not they be separated and distanced and out of sight for all practical purposes unless summoned for some errand.There is no interface though the middle class has been providing this buffer from the beginning lest there would have been class wars.

In Delhi the disparity is glaring.Many of them unable to contend with the life in juxtaposition with the poor have flown out with their roots.But the rest whose prosperity has the basis in the lands and real estate and various other political and business compulsions or ambitions have reconciled to living in a space designed for them .

Here lies the fundamental flaw.You don’t see a poor man sharing the stage with the rich in this city drama called a democracy.Nor do you see a rich man comfortable in the environs of the poor.Both are possible.For that to happen Delhi should be just a capital city of a democratic country and commercial activity can be shifted out lock stock and barrel.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

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