Stubbled Airways

It’s a
Spinster trip where a gang of girls are on their way to Miami, Unlike every spinster trip this trip was no
different with women all set to enjoy their last days of spinsterhood.
Minimum clothes
And a journey begging to begin.
They board their flight and settle themselves down unlike Every other girl they check out the male flight
attendants moving around the aisle.
They buzz of the attendants when he was closer to them enquiring about the magazines and Yes! Just to
check him out too!
The attendant arrives.. “How may I help you ladies?”
And he had a stubble. Aren’t you not allowed to have a stubble in their profession.
“You stubble, You may not help us in any way”.
Confused the flight attendant left.
Then one of the girls call out for the better looking attendant who was clean shaven right when Mr
stubble could hear and see us. Imagining the embarrassment Mr Stubble having to witness what was
just the beginning of a 22hr long flight. Of him being ridiculed.
The scenario grew more obvious and we made it pretty clear that the Stubble cost him at least a few
pretty little numbers.
13 hrs of drinking and screaming later the party started on the flight itself.We saw the attendant come
towards us after a friend buzzing and this time he was Shaven.
Clean as a whistle. And charming too.
We got along very well from that point on and for the remaining of the flight!

This post is a part of the ‘Shave or Crave’ movement in association with

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