some good newz.ive been selected into the DRAMATICS club here.this is the frst time iv got  a chance to do something related to dramatics.i think im quite interested in this.the auditions were great n enjoyed by “shahrukh” voice kinda clicked over there but i didint do that i walked upto to start the enactment , i had no plans of sharuhking but dont know whwre this came from.maybe when i think of acting,this shahrukh thing sorta takes me over.neways,its nice to know that im a part of some sorta “clique” and not just another chap.ive heard that the drams take up a lotta time but im ready to adjust fr the sake of the good memeories im sure this will bring.

the studies also kinda get moving today .i covered quite a part of BS n then tried some stats questions.i think ill try the finacc stuff i got frm the courseweb now .its just past 2 so ive got nother 40 mins b4 i call it a day .3-7:30=4:30 hours of sleep.kinda OK,huh???atleats i dont feel sleepy or nething when i dont want to.and yea,tommorrow INDIA clashes with SL in a do or die match.veeru hasnt shot in teh last 8 matches so the najafgarh nawab must fire tommorrow.
atb to INDIA!!!!

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